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Name:Octavio Ezequiel Macieira Antunes
Birthdate:Dec 4
A young superhero from Angola, Octavio has the ultimate secret identity, as the forgotten and neglected son of the man who he often fights, a diamond mine owner with no morals. Having no mother, this leaves him free to roam the night honing his superhuman strength while one of the servants, Isabel, covers for him. He received his superhuman strength and agility after a near death experience in one of his father's secret labs, where he inhaled the noxious fumes of an experiment. Although he knocked it over and destroyed it in the process, no one else was affected by the fumes since he was alone. As a result, no one but Isabel knows his true origins.

Trying to fight crime in a place where his father is utterly the villain isn't easy, but he tries. He wants to be like one of the knights in shining armor that Isabel would read to him about as a child. He wants to be good, kind, chivalrous and honorable. To him, that means foiling his father's unspeakably evil secrets, fighting mundane crime and chasing after justice wherever he goes. It's all about helping people, and making sure that they're happy the way he never was. Growing up alone with a servant under strict orders to keep him indoors at all times, forced into exclusive private schools while the masses starved in the streets, he always felt detached from the human race. Octavio felt like the world was a dance and he didn't know the steps. He still doesn't. But now he can do something besides watch the streets from his ivory tower; now he can make life happy and safe for people. In that way, he feels like he's connecting with humanity. His superhero name is, in a native language, a word for hearing or listening, something that he does well when it comes to the common people.

Octavio is currently 18, for reference.
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